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Walton 50210 10 Piece Pipe (NPT) Stud & Screw Extractor Set

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Remove broken taps and save the threads! Walton Tap Extractors let you remove broken taps without drilling, lasers, damaged threads, scrapped parts or repair inserts. The hardened steel fingers of Walton Tap Extractors fit in the flutes of a broken tap to back it out simply and safely. This effective method has been used since 1908. They are available in every tap size, both inch and metric, as handy sets or individual pieces. Our Tap Extractors will fit both NC and NF taps. Since 1908, the Walton Company has been the leading manufacturer of tap removal tools in the world. During the past 100 years we have added to our original line of Walton Tap Extractors, the "REPS" line of Pipe, Stud & Screw Extractors and our Tap Extensions for both machine and hand tapping.

  • These standard extractors are for right-hand pipe and studs
  • Four-point grip, which assures strong bite
  • Shallow grip, which lessens expansion and jamming
  • Instant release from bite after job is completed
  • Each set is furnished in a sturdy plastic case

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