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Time-Sert 2200 M11 x 1.5 Universal Head Bolt Repair Kit

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The Time-Sert 2200 M11 x 1.5 universal head bolt repair kit is used on Toyota Camry, Rav 4 and Scion. Time Sert 2200 kit includes ten (10) Time-Sert 11155 carbon steel head bolt inserts. The Time-Sert 2200 kit is for first time thread repair only. If you need a second time thread repair kit please purchase the Big-Sert 2200BS

If you have any questions regarding the Time-Sert 2200 universal head bolt thread repair kit, please call us TOLL FREE at 877-746-4682

Time-Sert 2200 head bolt thread repair kit includes FREE Overnight Shipping.

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