Time-Sert 4815 M18x1.5mm Metric Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit

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Time Sert 4815 M18 x 1.5 spark plug repair kit

Time Sert thread repair kits are approved by leading automotive manufactures. Time-Sert easily repairs stripped threads in cylinder head bolts, spark plug holes and oil drain pans as well.

Many thread repair kits are available for your threaded bushing application in metric and american sizes. Time-Sert is the very best in thread repair!

Time Sert 4815 thread repair kits are made in the United States.

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Loctite C5-A Anti-Seize Compound for Spark Plug Insertion After Time-Sert Kit Installation - Click Here

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These are Items you really should use with these Kits. The larger kits come with these items. Click the Picture to add to cart

Needed for Taper Seat Inserts Only

Fast fixturing threadlocker resists oil and mild surface contamination. Locks fasteners up to 3/4" in diameter

Time-Sert Driver Oil is to be used to lubricate the driver tool in the Time-Sert Kit. Then screw the insert onto the prepared hole.  If doing deep hole repairs:
Lubricate the driver tool with Time-Sert driver oil.

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