Time-Sert 4212E M12 x 1.25 Extended Metric Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit

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TIME-SERT Metric Spark Plug Kit M12 x 1.25 Extended Spark Plug Kit Part # 4212E.

The deep hole kit is better suited for holes 6 inches or deeper.
The wrench which is the second black tool is 4-5/8 inches long, rotates all the tools.
The wrench has a 1/2" inch hex at the top which can allow you to extend the tooling with a socket further if need.

This kit DOES NOT include inserts.

Click here to purchase M12 x 1.25 washer seat inserts.


Loctite C5-A Anti-Seize Compound for Spark Plug Insertion After Time-Sert Kit Installation - Click Here



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