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TIME-SERT® is a thread renewal system
Easily repair stripped or damaged threads

TIME-SERT® is a solid bushing insert. This guarantees easy installation and allows for full load use of tapped hole, ensuring protection against stress and vibration.


TIME-SERT® is thin walled due to synchronized internal external threads. Thin cross sectional area allows for installation in areas of limited space and clearance material.


TIME-SERT® Positive Placement. Having a flange on the top of the insert will insure that the insert will have positive placement and cannot wind down into the newly repaired hole.


TIME-SERT® is self locking. On installation the bottom internal threads of the insert are cold rolled to expand the mating external threads into the base material locking the insert in place. Locking mechanism is at the bottom of insert.

TIME-SERT® thread repair system the ultimate way

to repair threads in stripped or damaged holes.



The drill included in the BIG-SERT kit oversize's the original head alignment dowel hole in the block. The original OEM dowels would fall thru after Big-Sert Insert is installed.

The kit includes 2 dowels. There are 2 different sizes available to choose from for The M11x1.5 kits

One size available is a Toyota / Honda style .550 diameter p/n 31304 the other size available is a GM style .617 diameter p/n J-42385-508BS.

The head alignment dowel aligns the head to the block at the time of assembly there are normally 2 head alignment dowels used per side of the block.

Note: Some vehicles may not need dowel e.g "Nissan" as the dowel is not located in the head bolt hole, but off to the side.

Subaru dowel p/n 11126 upper diameter size .579 inches or 14.7mm (Kit p/n 11125BS M11x1.25)

Notes: Head alignment dowels for M10 BIG-SERT universal head bolt kits ( 2 sizes available )

Special dowel p/n 7588BS diameter .530 inches. (used in Bmw)

Special dowel p/n 6255BS diameter .550 inches. (used in toyota and honda)


Reducer Dowel P/N 31307. Two required for head alignment.

The core drill included in the p/n 4800 M12x1.5 universal head bolt kit will oversize the head ALIGNMENT DOWEL. We can provide a special dowel that will accept the new drilled hole and reduce back down to the original dowel size.

Please mention this p/n 31307 dowel when ordering and we will include 2 with the kit.

History Info for the H22 Blocks.

The H22 motor fits 1993-2001 Prelude and is also called the Si Vtec motor. The primary applications of the H engine series were the fourth- and fifth-generation Honda Prelude and the fifth-and sixth-generation Honda Accord.

Considered a premium choice amongst hot rodders.

The Honda H engine was Honda's high-performance "big block" engine family from the 1990s and early 2000s. It is largely derived from the Honda F engine and shares many design features.

The F20B, though technically coded part of the F-series family of engines, was basically a destroked version of the H22A4

It has also enjoyed some success as a racing engine, forming the basis of Honda's Touring car racing engines for many years, and  being installed in lightweight chassis (such as the Honda CRX) for use in drag racing.

For this M12x1.5 4 cylinder head bolt we do not make a specific kit for this block.

All we can offer is our M12x1.5 universal head bolt kit click here