Terms & Conditions

Tool Maintenance & Safety

• Use dry, clean air. Be sure to drain the hoses daily and install a filter at or near the take-off position to prevent problems with water or foreign materials. It is very important that you have a supply of clean, dry air in the operation of your pneumatic tool. Using clean filtered air will lead to the longer life of the tool. Proper CFM and PSI settings are important in the performance of the tool.

• Only use air hoses and other fittings that in top condition and proper size to avoid pressure drop. Do not drag the tool around by the hose

• Please use only manufacturer parts for replacement. Call the warranty center if you need service. You may void your warranty by having any one but an authorized service center work on your tool.

• Apply the recommended oil before and after daily operation. Its best to oil the tool at night and let it set overnight for use the next day. Keeping the tool well oiled, reduces wear and cuts the costs of maintenance repairs. A good air tool oil absorbs moisture to prevent rust and corrosion

• Tool manufacturers constantly change product(s). We are not responsible for changes to tool manufacturing methods or locations made.  Please see manufacturer's website for full, accurate details of the product(s) you are interested in.

• Tools are not designed for working in an explosive atmosphere.

• Tools are not insulated against electrical shock WARNING ! Always read your owners manual and understand the rules of safety before operating any power tool. Always wear protective eye wear and if necessary protective gloves and breathing apparatus. Work in a well ventilated area with approved safety gear. Always wear protective shoes in the work area. Always check that all the couplings, fittings and accessories are secure before operating the pneumatic tool. Always keep a safe distance between yourself and moving parts. Take care not to wear jewelry, loose clothing or items that may get caught in moving parts. Always disconnect the tool from the air hose when changing accessories. Releasing the air pressure from the hose can prevent injuries. Have the throttle in the off position when disconnecting tool. Always use the recommended guards and safety shields. Be sure they are mounted securely and in good shape and undamaged. Use only manufacture parts and accessories. Always use impact sockets and a ccessories. Do not use hand (chrome) sockets or accessories. NEVER exceed the maximum pressures listed in your owners manual, doing this can lead to the rapid wear of the tool. Never touch a working tool until the unit has come to a complete stop. Never use accessories that are not intended for your pneumatic tool.